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In today’s world, change in customers buying behaviors are constant and is inevitable. Traditional processes including tallying the stocks manually, invoicing thru courier methods, manual payments to vendors, etc., are mostly dead in current scenario. Business units are moving ahead in Digital space leveraging latest trends and technologies. Day-in and Day-out most of the business units are dependent on Digital technologies and expertise resources. State of the art machineries delivers better results for a product manufacturer but the best results are delivered by blending it with the smart technologies and gaming in the Digital platform.

Like, think of amicro industry based ice cream manufacturer, who produces 7 tons of ice cream product thru his manufacturing facility using latest machineries and distributes to his customers in surrounding market place and elsewhere. But that’s just don’t suffice to achieve the targets effectively these days. The Manufacturer needs to look into trends in vogue to satisfy and support the customers and in an effective way. Digital platform provides the access to meet the customer’s satisfaction conforming to latest trends and hassle free processes. Digital Platform helps customers to reach more audience, penetrate the markets deeply, change the way business works with suppliers, access non- critical business functions at ease, professional & continuous re-marketing to specific targets, find alternate customers and especially customer base with more demands on daily basis in order to clear the stocks quickly as the cream products are perishable and the shelf life are on an average of 3-6 months. Assume the creams manufacturer moved to the Digital Platform with sustenance products from a reliable source. What are the results of the manufacturer by moving into Digital platform?? Assume he has a current customer base of 50 Parlors for which he need to supply about 0.10 tons of creams each on daily basis. For future demands he allocates a stock and piles it up for weeks and sometimes for months and that counts to about 2 tons of creams.

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Here it comes on how the Smart Technologies associated applications and software provides the ease of doing business. By using an effective ONLINE CRM, the cream manufacturer will have all the updates on each and every existing customer and their consumption on daily basis with awesome graphical representations and a clear cut analyzed data rather just the raw data from the customers. Not limited to that, it helps the cream manufacturer to service the existing customer base with Digital invoice, Digital delivery confirmations, Digital ordering patterns, Digital dispatch status, Digital alerts for unexpected surge in demands, Digital demand estimation for weeks, months and can even extrapolate the data for a year or even more than that. It helps the cream manufacturer to find out the market estimation of his products by conducting simple online surveys across the parlors and also by conducting secondary researches with his competitors thru various modes. It creates a consolidated data over the period of time, was the most wanted for the cream manufacturer, for which he would have perhaps dreamt about it for ages. Digital horizon provides confined data which are on real time basis for the cream manufacturer to set the benchmark for the products that he manufacture and sells and as well for his holistic distribution processes that gives peace of mind for his end customers to continue their Business with the cream manufacturer. Is that all for an entity to move to a Digital platform and would that be enough? No. There are more and loads of other Digital technologies and its features would provide you to do more in a simplified manner. Before checking on other technologies and add on features, benefits and advantage, will now path towards on “How to move the business to Digital Platform?”

We have just looked at the advantages of Digital platform using CRM software. But what is Digital Platform all about? How to move towards it practically? How much does it cost? How do I trounce my competition using Digital Platform? And so on… All these questions arises in no time for various reasons. But it’s really simple to understand these days, the least to some extent which covers the basics and as well on to the level of conducting business day-in and day-out with simple digital tools using enormous resources and easy accessibilities. Transitioning from a non-Digital business environment to a Digital business environment has some challenges initially but could overcome those quickly provided if are patience enough to see the changes across systems and processes. Digital Platform is nothing but seeing or performing or monitoring or conducting or creating or designing anything that you need related to business thru some window. That window could be a computer or a mobile phone or a tablet device or a display device or a wearable device. Devices plays major role in Digital Platform. Be it increasing your phone memory or outperform your tasks against your competitor, devices plays tremendous roles one cannot believe in. Connecting your business to these Devices are simple. Here comes a logistics partner called Internet. Internet, the true logistics partner of any business in Digital hub, is the one which takes your communication to your customer in a lethal speed and reverts back with the communication from your customers. This activity is performed across many systems, humans, groups or devices and not just limited to your customers alone. How to get connect to your true digital logistic partner, internet?? Many service providers available in market with end– end solutions, state of the art infra and latest technologies offer internet service at reasonable band price loaded with awesome features and benefits. The provision to get connected to internet are by means of two options: one is wired or cabled network and second is wireless. Let us not dwell deep into the technologies and myriad features and ecosystem of these two categories. But whatever the category we opt for either wired or wireless, we need an intercessor called Router. It routes the data synchronously and continuously and industriously. It modulates and demodulates thru an in built device called modem. So overall it acts as an intercessor to feed our inputs into Digital hub. Connecting your business are as simple as above mentioned. Now what next? How to really move your business to Digital platform? To move your business to Digital Web Platform all that you need is a web domain, Web Space to host your data and a web consultant or to move your business to Digital Mobile Platform all that you need is an application, space to host your data in mobile platform and a mobile application consultant. Either one as best as the other and as supreme as the other. However the primary advantage of going thru Digital Mobile platform is it doesn’t require any router device, no problem in choosing if to go with wired or wireless as the only option is to go wireless and more than anything it comes handy.

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Getting a web domain is like as simple as like buying a donut from a shop these days. The only thing that we should keep in mind while selecting a domain is it’s not just a domain name. More than that, it’s an identity of your business in Digital space. The domain name is part of your Digital branding strategies that you may develop later point in time. It should be simpler and as well very effective to register in your customers and other stakeholders mind. So web domain name decision must be allowed with some time to think of strategically. Web Domain can be registered per your preference and per your strategy at your convenience on your own leveraging global registrars like,, etc., or you can engage with some professional web consultant or Digital Consultant to do this job. Going with a professional web consultant gives you an edge in creating, designing, developing, testing and managing your web requirements as a one stop shop solution. There are many professional web consultants in markets who provides extraordinary services at an affordable pricing structure to move your business to Digital Platform as quick as possible.

Moving your business to Digital Platform is as simple as that mentioned above – engage with a professional and aspirational Digital Consultant. Bringing in a Digital consultant to your business systems and environment should definitely be of a long term strategy for an entity conforming to strategic business objectives and innovative technological requirements that perhaps arise in future years. Ensure your Digital Consultant has sound knowledge and understanding on your web or mobile requirements and the most important one is he should be of a complete end –end solutions and also services provider. Moving to Digital Platform takes your brand to another level in all aspects. Branding is an ocean and Digital Branding is has now moved to the position of Pacific from Atlantic. What next?

Now, once your business is moved completely to Digital Platform, start exploring the world of opportunities that comes your way every second.

What Belthink offers you?

Belthink helps you in identifying the areas where you can eradicate your non-digital environment. We open your eyes to the digital space, where you can optimize your time and explore the digital world, where change is inevitable. We make you realize how easy and affordable is this change, to the digital space.

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