Anti-Malware Tools

We, at Belthink, offer extensive malware prevention software’s & tools from renowned global suppliers like SITELOCK ® and DIGICERT ® . Malwares are the most culprit ones to be monitored on every second to keep your web applications literally way from them. We support right from purchase till installation of the malware removal tools for your applications and hence Belthink has many satisfied and enduring clients across India and abroad.

Most of the malwares are spread thru SQL injection mode and are done and maintained thru illegal resource centers operated by fringe groups across the globe. Malwares makes your applications disembark from its process routine to do and as well makes it at ease for anonymous operators to access your files and data and to misrepresent the valuables leveraging modern tools.

Belthink, as a web consulting company, which is strong in protecting its client’s applications thru advanced malware protection software’s, enables clients data security and complete peace of mind.

An advanced malware prevention software provides the following features.

  • Daily Vulnerability scans
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • Web Application Firewall
  • DDOS protection
  • SQL Injection prevention
  • XSS injection prevention
  • IRA prevention
  • OWASP Threat protection
  • Infinity Scanning
  • Blacklisting of clients, IPs, etc.,