Google Adwords Campaign

For any brand which are new or established are today highly popular to its customers thru a magnificent tool called “Adwords”. Google has created this amazing platform to advertise the brands, products and or services which then appears in millions of search results on

Google Adwords has proven to be the most cost-effective advertisement tool today in comparison to any medium. Adwords enables you to reach to your target audience across geo locations or to specific geo pockets with its inbuilt strategically developed programs per your desired time and budget. Adwords facilitates you to create awareness programs to millions of customers in just one-go at your convenience.

It works technically by accepting bids for each of the keywords that are searched by people at different times and locations. The highest bidder is provided with large user base and search results for their targeted keywords. Thus, Adwords technically has helps brands to participate in open window system and as well allows to reach our customers in no time.

PPC (Pay Per Click) is the most commonly used word regards to Google Adwords Advertisements. The Customers are charged @ pay per click rate by Google Adwords in Search Network. Impressions is another most widely used word regards to Google Adwords. Ads. The Customers are also charged at based on number of impressions rate by Adwords in Display network.

Today brands are established and monetized in many ways but nevertheless Adwords supports brands to monetize in a faster way but at affordable cost. Globally average conversion of Google Adwords today stands at 2.70% on Search Network and 0.89% on Display Network. These two categories are very imminent for any brands these days but however customers can choose which best fits their business and strategy. The average CTR (Click Through Rate) on Adwords paid search ads is about 2%.

A simple formula to calculate the conversion rate of ads in Google Adwords is,

CV (Conversion rate) = No. of Conversions ÷ No. of Clicks
(@ same period of both conversions and Clicks)

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