Evolution of Digital Marketing

03 Dec, 2017
blog post

“Digital Marketing” activity was first started way back in mid of 1980’s using floppy disk drives by M/s Channel Net (then known to be Soft Ad Group) for various passenger cars promotions and to offer test drives. However, the term was coined and was first used in 1990’s. Since then “Digital Marketing” is under rapid evolution and is converging on every single business entity closer to their customers.

The term “Digital Marketing” obviously means its dependence on technologies which is witnessing the changes constantly. The term “Digital Marketing” is most popular across the globe but nevertheless in United States of America it’s termed as “Online Marketing”, in Italy as “Web Marketing”, and in some parts of the world as “Internet Marketing”.

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Expectations of your company identity (logo)

02 Dec, 2017
blog post

What are our expectations when it comes to creating our company identity – LOGO? Generally, people expect the following from the logo design.

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