Web Applications

Web Applications

Updated / August.21.2017

As a pioneer in introducing new techniques in web platform, we are a competent website developing company in Chennai. We offer unbounded web development services and we also cater web application development to a wide range. We provide custom based website development in accordance to the need of the customer.

Web Development

We understand the complexities in developing a website and since changes are inevitable we introduce compatibility of CMS(Content Management System) in the websites. Even though we are well skilled in HTML and CSS, we have evolved in adapting latest web development softwares like WordPress, Joomla, PHP, LAMP & WAMP. These contemporary softwares will enhance the effectiveness of CMS in the websites which we design.

Apart from traditional softwares, we also design and develop Real time Softwares for our customers. For the design of Real time Software, we follow a stringent set of process flow, as listed below :

  • Getting the business requirement
  • Analysis of business requirement
  • Technical Architecture Planning
  • Business logic Architecture Planning
  • User analysis
  • Module wise separation
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Feedback
  • Modifications
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

For implementing the above process flow, we deploy an expert team to bring out the best results.

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